Friday, 19/1/2018 | 6:53 UTC+0

Wayne Lai tries filming 5 to 6 TVB series per year

Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) was promoting May Fortune Smile on You (財神駕到) series and when mentioned about crowning as TV King based on Short End of the Stick (公公出宮) series and it was a good start for him, he said: Please do not say it that way and it is rumours only. It is Lee Tim Sing’s (李添勝) last workpiece and he wishes to film a happy series.”

Wayne expressed he was getting older and needed some rest: “Cannot stand it any longer.” He disclosed he could film 5 to 6 series within a year and will reduce to filming 1 or 2 TVB series and considering filming China series.

Asking if he was discussing his work plan during the dinner with Tim Sing and Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯), Wayne said: “Nope. It is a simple dinner and gathering only.”


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