Hi, I'm SAORI – 我的保姆手冊

Hi, I’m SAORI – 我的保姆手冊

The young girl Saori (Zheng Shuang) beats all other applicants and is hired as nanny for arrogant superstar Su Da Hao (Itthipat Thanit). But what nobody knows is that she is actually a robot. Da Hao continuously tries to make her leave but fails at every attempt. Things turn complicated when he eventually develops feelings for Saori. 《我的保姆手冊》(英語:Hi,I’m SAORI),講述了一個鬼馬AI少女和傲嬌男明星在一場娛樂圈陰謀下的愛戀成長的故事。謎之少女Saori擊敗各路選手成為當紅明星蘇達浩的專職保姆,從此以一個特殊的身份進入娛樂圈,蘇達浩在強勢演藝經紀人藍嵐的包裝下,穩坐第一當紅明星的寶座,一舉一動都是為了維持自己的知名度,蘇達浩一開始想盡辦法想把Saori趕走,卻偏偏每次都反被Saori教訓 …

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